Saturday, June 25
Individual travel to Heidelberg, optional lunch at NH Hotel 
Afternoon: General Assembly and scientific presentations 
Afternoon: Partners’ programme: Walking tour Heidelberg (history and architecture) 
Evening: Cocktails and association dinner at NH Hotel 

Sunday, June 26
Field trip Upper Rhine Graben by bus to Messel quarry near Darmstadt, to oil production
at well Schwarzbach-1 by Rhein Petroleum; to panoramic geological overview of Rhine Graben
from Starkenburg near Heppenheim (fair weather) or Tertiary to “Meeressand” outcrop
near Heppenheim (bad weather) 

Sunday evening: Optional dinner at Schloss Heidelberg (Max. 40 People, first come, first serve)

Monday, June 27
Field trip Upper Rhine Graben by bus to Mesozoic outcrops of the Kraichgau area (SE of Heidelberg).

Tagungsbericht der 83. Jahresversammlung - Report of the 83rd Annual Convention







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