Saturday, June 20
Individual travel to Baden, optional lunch at Hotel Du Parc
Afternoon: General Assembly and scientific presentations
Afternoon: Partners’ programme: sight–seeing tour Baden
Evening: Cocktails and dinner at Hotel Du Parc

Sunday, June 21
Field trip lower Aare valley by bus; Stratigraphy and tectonics of Jurassic Formations of the Eastern Jura Mountains

Monday, June 22
Field trip to St. Ursanne (Mont Terri Rock Laboratory)


Dr. Paul Bossart (Swisstopo)
The Mont Terri Rock Laboratory: Worldclass research facility in the Opalinus Clay
Dr. Andreas Gautschi (NAGRA)
Deep Geological Disposal of Radioactive Waste - An International Perspective
Dr. Michael Schnellmann (NAGRA)
Deep geological disposal of radioactive waste in Switzerland - overview and outlook
Dr. Herfried Madritsch (NAGRA)
Geology of northern Switzerland and key question regarding the region's seismic exploration
Dr. Beat Meier (Proseis AG)
New Insights from the 2D Reflection Seismic 2011/12 into Structural and Stratigraphic Aspects of Central Northern Switzerland

Tagungsbericht der 82. Jahresversammlung - Report of the 82nd Annual Convention





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