Saturday, June 17
Individual travel to Ascona (Monte Verità conference and cultural centre), optional lunch at Monte Verità restaurant
Afternoon: General Assembly and scientific presentations
Afternoon: Partners’ programme: Guided tour on Monte Verità cultural centre, visit of the Casa Anatta museum (optional)
Evening: Cocktails and association dinner at Monte Verità

Sunday, June 18
Field trip to the Southern Alps: Spectacular geological cross section through the Liassic in the Breggia gorge, panoramic
geologic overview of the Southern Alps at Pedrinate, Gonfolite lombarda near Seseglio and marble quarry near Arzo.
Evening: Individual dinner at Ascona lake side or in a Grotto.

Monday, June 19
Field trip around Monte Verità: Ivrea zone, Insubric line and Canavese zone. Bellinzona-Dasco zone
with spectacular deformation structures in gneiss

Presentation Prof. Stefan Schmid
Field Guide Monday Excursion 

The field guide of the Sunday excursion by Prof. Daniel Bernoulli will be uploaded after the official publication
of the commentary for the geological map sheet Mendrisio.

Tagungsbericht der 84. Jahresversammlung - Report of the 84th Annual Convention

The Monte Verità
The Monte Verità is a state-of-the-art conference and cultural centre, managed by the Foundation of the same name.
Situated on seven hectares of tranquil, lush parkland with breathtaking panoramas of Lake Maggiore, it offers a truly
unique experience for our annual convention.

At the turn of the 20th century, an alternative, vegetarian colony was founded on the site, and the mythical golden age
of Monte Verità began. Artists, anarchists, philosophers and thinkers settled here – with illustrious guests such as
Hermann Hesse among them. After a brief period in the early Twenties, during which a group of expressionist artists set up
a small artistic community, the hill just near Ascona was purchased by the German banker and art collector Baron Eduard von der Heydt.
It was then that Monte Verità became a modern hotel complex, visited by high-profile figures from the worlds of art,
politics and culture (see:








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