Saturday, June 16
Individual travel to Chur (Hotel Chur), optional lunch at the restaurant of Hotel Chur
Afternoon: General Assembly and scientific presentations
Afternoon: Partners’ programme: Guided sightseeing tour through the old town of Chur, historical and cultural highlights
Evening: Cocktails and association dinner at Hotel Chur

Sunday, June 17
Field trip by coach to the highlights of the world-famous Flims rockslide: The Flims rockslide occurred about 8'200 yr BP and had an eminent impact on the evolution of the landscape in the area: An enormous volume of fragmented rocks slid down, the palaeo-lake of Ilanz was impounded and the Bonaduz gravel was deposited. Evening: Individual dinner at Chur. Wide choice of restaurants in the old town of Chur, in walking distance of the hotel.

Monday, June 18
Field trip by coach, with a geological cross section from the Helvetic to the Penninic realm as the main theme with insights into an active landslide and hydrogeological issues of the well known Valser mineral water spring.

Field Guide
Report of the 85th Annual Convention

Chur – the Alpine City
Reputedly Chur (Coire) is Switzerland’s oldest town, some 5000 years old, though the history of Chur as a settlement goes back to between 11’000 and 13’000 years. With 37'000 inhabitants, Chur is the largest town and the capital of the largest of the 23 Swiss cantons, the Canton of Grisons (Graubünden in German, Grischun in Romansh). Chur has been the seat of the Bishop of Chur since the middle of the 4th century; the first bishop documented by name is Asinius (452 A.C.). Chur has a charming Old Town, which has been well preserved and restored. Cobblestone pavements, mediaeval buildings and historical fountains give Chur its incomparable ambience. Chur is situated in the Rhine valley at a height of 600 m above sea level. The Old Town lies where the Plessur river emerges from the deeply incised Schanfigg valley and enters the Rhine valley plain. Chur is home to many buildings or other sites that are listed as Swiss heritage sites of national significance. There are two major archaeological sites in Chur, the medieval Old City and “Welschdörfli”, where our conference hotel is situated, the site of a prehistoric and a Roman settlement.








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