Yverdons-les Bains, Switzerland


Saturday, June 18
Travel to Yverdon-les-Bains, lunch at Hotel La Prairie
Afternoon: General Assembly and scientific presentations
Afternoon: Partners’ programme (Museum for mechanical music instruments)
Evening: Cocktails and dinner Hotel La Prairie

Sunday, June 19

Geological excursion to the Swiss Plateau (Cantons Vaud and Fribourg)Outcrops of
Molasse rocks (sandstone, marl), sedimentology of marine and continental deposits
Lunch at the Restaurant Garmiswil
Return to the Hotels in Yverdon

Monday, June 20

Geological excursion to the Folded Jura Mountains of Canton of Neuchâtel, Val de Travers,
Creux du Van, Asphalt Mines La Presta, walk along the Areuse for outcrops of strike-slip faults
Lunch at the Asphalt Mines
Return to the Hotels in Yverdon


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