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Mai 2016
April 2016

March 2016
'Technologieverbote sind Denkverbote'
Interview mit Peter Burri, SASEG President

September 2015
08.09.2015 'Fracking ist nicht giftiger als Gülle' 
Interview im Bund mit Peter Burri 
As a follow-up to the Gurten Symposium on Hydraulic Fracturing in October 2014, co-organized by SASEG with the Swiss Academy of Science, we have produced a special volume of the Swiss Bulletin for Applied Geology, dedicated to the topic of this hotly discussed technology.  The volume has had a considerable echo in Switzerland and throughout Europe with many requests for additional separata or electronic access. As a response to this demand we have exceptionally decided to allow an early publication of the volume also on our website.
The papers by Swiss and international experts give a good overview of the present state of knowledge of the technology and its application, including some more critical contributions.  We hope that this special Bulletin Volume will contribute to a more fact-based discussion of a theme which in the public debate risks to be drowned in emotions and dogmas.  Happy reading.

“Is hydraulic fracturing a risk to drinking water?” The answer of the Swiss water experts.   
 (For German Version see Bulletin Vol. on Hydraulic Fracturing).
This article is a translation of the article in German, published in the Swiss Bulletin for Applied Geology Vol. 19/2, 2014

Swiss Bulletin für angewandte Geologie (for Applied Geology), Vol. 19/2, 2014

Hydraulic Fracturing / Fracking

March 2015
Le gaz de schistes: risques, mythes et chances

Peter Burri, Final Sommières Fracking Symposium    pdf
Geothermie in der Schweiz hat grosses Potential - auch nach St. Gallen & Basel 
Peter Burri, Energie Gipfel Aarau Potential Geothermie CH    pdf

Februar 2015
Unconvential Oil & Gas: Myths, Facts and Global Implicaions
Peter Burri, Commodity Club Zürich 25 February 2015   pdf
Gas als Brückenenergie
Peter Burri Berner Fachhochschule    Interview

Januar 2015
Es gibt keinen wissenschaftlichen Grund, Fracking zu verbieten
Peter Burri, Handelszeitung

Peter Burri: Schiefergas und Fracking: risikoärmer als gedacht. Energy.Now! 2014   Article

acatech – Deutsche Akademie der Technikwissenschaften. Bericht aus dem Projekt „Hydraulic Fracturing – eine Technologie in der Diskussion. acatech Position Juni 2015

easac – European Academies Science Advisory Council: Shale gas extraction: Issues of particular relevance to the European Union. Statement, October 2014   Article

Peter Burri: Die Energiewende an den globalen Energiemärkten. Unkonventionelles Erdöl und erdgas: Bedrohung oder Chance? Energie-Nachrichten 2/2013   Article

Peter Burri & Werner Leu: Unkonventionelles Gas, Brückenenergie oder Umweltrisiko? – Gefahren, Chancen und Nutzen. Aqua& Gas No. 9, 2012   Article

SASEG: Konzept der Energieforschung des Bundes 2013-2016 (CORE). Stellungnahme Swiss Association of Energy Geoscientists (SASEG). Januar 2012   Article

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