Swiss Association of Energy Geoscientists (SASEG)

SASEG's objective is to contribute to a factual and science-based discussion on Switzerland's energy future.

Why is it worth joining SASEG?

  • You wish to be a member of a unique association of professionals in Switzerland, with great know-how and experience in the field of energy resources, at a time when Switzerland's energy policies are being redefined.
  • You wish to be part of, and contribute to, the independent, technically sound group in the geo-energy scene of Switzerland who is, with well over 300 members, the second-largest (behind «CHGEOL») professional geoscience association of Switzerland.
  • Because of the unique, broad spectrum of professional experience of the members as well as the distinctly multinational character of the association;
  • Because SASEG is the only Swiss-wide geoscience association that welcomes partners at the Annual Meeting.

All with an interest in geoscience and in questions of fossil and renewable energies are welcome at SASEG.


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