SASEG is a Switzerland-based association of energy geoscientists. SASEG members are domestic and foreign professionals and institutions who are or were active in the realm of fossil and renewable energy resources (e.g. geothermal) or in related earth science areas: in industry (direct or consulting), in teaching and research of universities (including students who form 9% of SASEG's membership), in relevant cantonal or federal government bodies and in professional associations.

SASEG is for government, media and public a discussion partner for questions concerning geoscience and fossil and renewable energies.

As an independent institution SASEG does not represent lobby groups and has no commercial, political or ideological connections.

SASEG has a Committee and, of course, by-laws. SASEG's history traces back to 1934 and is summarized in a few charts and maps on this website (Statistics). Membership development in the past ten years and geographic spread of current members are shown here and here.


SASEG Members

List of SASEG Members who consented to publication of their e-meil address on the SASEG website

SASEG Questionnaire Annual Conventions
The SASEG committee aims at making the annual conventions an attractive and affordable event. In order to achieve this goal an enquiry was carried out in 2016 amongst the members. The result of the enquiry you will find in the following file.




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