THE SASEG Student Grants are designated for MSc and PhD students of Earth Sciences of Swiss Universities
working on geo-energy topics including conventional and unconventional hydrocarbons, geothermal energy,
geological storage of carbon dioxide and nuclear waste deposits and other geo‐energy matters.

The grants are aimed at participating in the costs of data acquisition and analysis, and in fees and travel costs
for attendance at relevant conferences and courses.

Maximum amount for an individual request is 1000 CHF.
Grants are awarded in late autumn and spring.

Applicants are requested to fill in the SASEG STUDENT GRANT application form either online

Grant application online form 

or download the PDF below, fill it in and send it to the email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Grant application form pdf

The application should include a motivation letter, a short CV and a letter of support from the research supervisor.
Grant applications for the respective grant round will need to be submitted before the dates indicated on the flyer below.

General conditions for grant application

Membership fee per year (including delivery of Bulletin).
CHF 40.- for students

Applicants for membership please complete this form
(Please give a correct email-address so we can confirm your application by email)


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