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Montreux 2023 Annual Convention

89th Annual Convention, Montreux, June 17-19, 2023

Saturday, June 17
Scientific presentations and Cocktail Reception

        Sunday, June 18
        Field trip by bus to St. Triphon - Col de la Croix - Col-des-Mosses - Monbovon (guide Jon Mosar).
Monday, June 20
         Field trip by train to Rochers-de-Naye (guide Jon Mosar).


Olten 2022  General Assembly

88th General Assembly, Olten, 3rd September 2022

Saturday, September 3
General Assembly with lunch


Acqui Terme 2022 Annual Convention

88th Annual Convention, Acqui Terme, Italy, June 18-20, 2022

Saturday, June 18
Scientific presentations and Cocktail Reception

Sunday, June 19
Field trip by bus to the highlights of geology around Acqui Terme

Monday, June 20

Field trip by bus: Signatures of a fast transgressionat the Paleocene/Neogene boundary, Carrosio, the forced-regression deltaic complex of the Gavi Castle, Gavi and catastrophic gravity processes at the shelf margin (Rocca Grimalda).


Dedicated Excursion 2022: Lavey-les-Bains

3rd Stand-alone excursion, 6th May 2022
Geothermal well Lavey-1 (Agepp)


Frutigen 2021  Annual Convention

87th Annual Convention, Frutigen, 11th September 2021

Saturday, September 11
General Assembly, Guided tour to Tropenhaus and Cocktail Reception


Geneva 2019  Annual Convention

86th Annual Convention, Geneva, 22nd - 24th June 2019

Saturday, June 22
General Assembly, Scientific Meeting; Partners’ Programme; Cocktail Reception and Association Dinner

Sunday, June 23
Field trip by coach to the highlights of the geology around the Geneva basin, the Vuache fault with recent seismic activity and the bitumen-impregnated Lower Freshwater Molasse.

Monday, June 24
Field trip by coach, visiting some stratigraphic highlights in the Jura arc west of Geneva such as a Kimmeridgian

coral-reef complex and bituminous limestone of lagoonal facies, still being mined because of the high sulfur content.


Chur 2018  Annual Convention

85th Annual Convention, Chur, 16th – 18th June 2018
Saturday, 16th June
General Assembly, Scientific Meeting; Partners’ Programme; Cocktail Reception and Association Dinner

Sunday, 17th June
Coach excursion Flims-Sevgein-Versam-Domleschg: The Flims rockslide

Monday, 18th June
Coach excursion Reichenau-Ilanz-Uors-Vals: Helvetic nappes and Scopi zone, Lower Penninic nappes, Lugnez landslide, Valser mineral water springs

Drawings Martin Ziegler


Colloquium in memoriam Peter Burri 2017

26th January 2017, Bern
Geothermal Energy and Fracking


Ascona 2017  Annual Convention

84th Annual Convention, Ascona, 17th – 19th June 2017
Saturday, 17th June
General Assembly, Scientific Meeting; Partners’ Programme, Cocktail Reception and Association Dinner
Sunday, 18th June
Coach excursion Mendrisiotto: The Southern Alps – A Mesozoic passive continental margin and its Alpine deformation
Monday, 19th June
Hike Monte Verità-Arcegno (morning) and coach excursion Val Verzasca (afternoon): Insubric Line and Root Zone of the Penninic nappe

Drawings Martin Ziegler


Dedicated Excursion 2016: Energiezentrale ewb Bern-Forsthaus

2st Stand-alone excursion, 10th November 2016
Lignite mining and electricity generation


Heidelberg 2016  Annual Convention

83rd Annual Convention, Heidelberg, 25th – 27th June 2016
Saturday, 25th June
General Assembly, Scientific Meeting; Partners’ Programme
Cocktail Reception and Association Dinner
Sunday, 26th June
Coach excursion: Tertiary source rocks and reservoirs in the Upper Rhine Graben area
Monday, 27th June
Coach excursion: Mesozoic source rocks and reservoirs in the Kraichgau area


Dedicated Excursion 2015: Lausitz (D)

1st Stand-alone excursion, 5th October 2015
Lignite mining and electricity generation


Baden 2015  Annual Convention

82nd Annual Convention, 20th – 22nd June 2015
Saturday, 20th June
General Assembly, Scientific Meeting; Partners’ Programme
Cocktail Reception and Association Dinner
Sunday, 21st June
Coach excursion: Stratigraphy and tectonics of Jurassic Formations of the Eastern Jura Mountains
Monday, 22nd June 
Coach excursion: Mont Terri Rock Laboratory, St. Ursanne, and guided tour of town

Drawings Martin Ziegler


Aosta 2014  Annual Convention

81st Annual Convention, 21.06. – 23.06. 2014
Sunday, June 22
Field trip lower Valle d'Aosta & Valle di Gressoney by bus; Sesia Zone.
Monday, June 23
Field trip upper Valle d'Aosta by bus; Geotraverse

Drawings Martin Ziegler


Chamonix 2013  Annual Convention

80th Annual Convention 22. - 24.06.2013
Sunday, June 23
Excursion to Montenvers and Mer de Glace by rack railway

Monday, June 24
Field-trip Geotraverse Chamonix - Mont Saxonnex by bus



Luzern 2012  Annual Convention

79th Annual Convention 23. - 25.06.2012
Sunday, June 24
Geological excursion on lake Lucerne on board of a panorama boat
Monday, June 25
Geological excursion to outcrops of the Swiss Molasse Basin


Yverdon-les-Bains  2011  Annual Convention

78th Annual Convention 18. - 20.06.2011
Sunday, June 19
Geological excursion to the Swiss Plateau (Cantons Vaud and Fribourg) Outcrops of
Molasse rocks (sandstone, marl), sedimentology of marine and continental deposits
Monday, June 20
Geological excursion to the Folded Jura Mountains of Canton of Neuchâtel, Val de Travers,
Creux du Van, Asphalt Mines La Presta, walk along the Areuse for outcrops of strike-slip faults


Stresa 2010  Annual Convention

77th Annual Convention 19.06. - 21.06.2010
Sunday, June 20
Geological excursion to Val Sesia: outcrops of volcanics
Upper and Lower Crust and Mantle (peridotite), cross-section of a continental crust
Monday, June 21
Geological excursion to the Val d'Ossola, visit of a marble quarry at Candoglia


Interlaken 2009  Annual Convention

76th Annual Convention 20.06 - 22.06.2009
Sunday, June 21:
Geological excursion to Gasterntal and Sunnbüel (2000 m).
Walk to the Gasterntal
Monday, June 22:
Geological excursion to the Haslital, visit of the underground electric power stations of KWO (Kraftwerke Oberhasli)


Sion 2008  Annual Convention

75th Annual Convention 21.06. - 23.06.2008
Sunday, June 22
Geological excursion to Zermatt and Gornergrat (3000 m). Penninic pile of nappes documenting the transition Europe – Africa,large-scale geological panorama and detailed study of outcrops.
Monday, June 23
Geological excursion to Val d'Anniviers, Penninic nappes, explanations of the panorama and examination of outcrops along the Lac de Moiry.


Ortisei  2007   Annual Convention

74th Annual Convention 23.06. - 25.06.2007


Rheinfelden 2006  Annual Convention

73rd Annual Convention 17.6. - 19.6.2006


Andermatt 2005  Annual Convention

72nd Annual Convention 23. - 26.06.2005


Vulpera 2004  Annual Convention

71st Annual Convention 19.06. - 21.6.2004


Elm 2003  Annual Convention

70th Annual Convention 21.6. - 23.06.2003


Beaune 2002  Annual Convention

69th Annual Convention 15. - 17.06.2002
Impressionen der Exkursion vom Sonntag, 16. 6.2002
«Geologie der Weinberge Burgunds»


Ulm 1978  Annual Convention

45th Annual Convention 1978